The First AI-Driven Semantic SEO Platform

entity is an AI-powered SEO platform based on over 10 years of SEO agency experience working with some of the biggest internet brands. Our cutting edge technology, trained and connected with a growing list of over 30,000 publishers, analyze, plan and execute your company’s content marketing campaigns with on-brand semantic SEO focus that will increase your online visibility.

Experience working with

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Why We Do It

So CMO's, SEO's, Marketing Managers, and Content Marketing Experts, will be able to focus on building & developing assets providing value, instead of doing outreach.

What We Do

1 thing only, no on-site fluff, no retainers, no consulting fees. We deliver results by getting your brand and content featured to increase your online visibility.


We analyze your current SEO assets and SERPS to build an ROI-in-mind detailed plan.


Our system matches your brand and content with our growing list of partners and publishers while generating a long term outreach plan to be executed simultaneously.

Performance Driven

We deliver results, no retainers, no bs, everything is performance driven with ROI in mind.

Done For You

Everything is done for you, after the campaign setup, we will start achieving your content marketing goals one by one.

There is No Other Platform That Can Deliver Similar On-Brand Semantic Results for Your Business

Ready to get Started?


Frequently asked questions answered

Are you just another "normal" SEO agency?

No. Our proprietary technology enable us to deliver results to our clients that weren't possible before, we are also against retainers and only work on a performance base model.

Can you handle big campaigns?

Our vast and fast growing pool of relationships with our partners is one of the biggest one in the industry, we are also experts with everything outreach, so we can adapt any campaign with a budget of up to $100,000/month.

Is AI tech reliable for such activity?

Depend, wrapping something with a ready openAI/other LLM might not deliver the right results. Our platform is based on a combination of few different models, a unique sorting algorithm, and a custom datastore and vector database that is getting us and our clients amazing on-brand semantic results.

What do you mean by "performance driven"?

Performance model is key. By Performance driven we mean that we only charge our clients for work delivered, no retainers, no bs consulting fees, pure results.

What is your pricing?

We price each campaign according to its size and client's goals.

How can I contact entity and ask a few more questions?

Feel free to email us at or schedule a demo call using the button above this section
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